Sundown Equine Yellow


RRP: £5.95


The chopped and double dedusted rape straw is highly absorbent due to a pithy inner core. The bedding is treated against moulds and composts quickly. The impressive coverage given by each bale and competitive pricing makes this an economical choice. The Eucalyptus fragrance provides a pleasant aroma and helps clear airways.



28/02/2012, 20:51

"This is an excellent bedding for those who do not have hours to spend mucking out and yet want to make their best friend as comfy as possible!!

It can be used on rubber matting or straight onto concrete floors. I used 6-7 bales to start my bed and added half to a whole bale a week. I own a rather large hairy cob who could be described as "poobald" in colour. He is not the cleanest of beasts. This bedding survived his mashings!

It takes a little while to settle. The liquid goes to the bottom and swells the straw which in turn forms a good solid base. the dropping are easily removed from the surface. I removed the droppings everyday and because my horse is messy and big I lifted the wet areas out once a week-I know people who have gone longer. It is very obvious when it needs digging out.

The bales are very light to lift around the yard, it is very easy on the pocket, doesn't crush down to dust like shavings. It is definitely unpalatable even to my labrador of a cob and due to the natural oil found within the rape I found that it moisturised and conditioned his hooves very nicely compared to shavings. It is also a very warm bedding and reflects body heat back.

I would recommend this bedding wholeheartedly as efficient and economical. "

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