Mark Todd Competition/Field Boots


RRP: £180.00


A boot specifically designed for competing. This competition boot offers the rider: ?an extremely flattering and well supported shape ?a calfskin upper and shaft that is comfortable from the first wear ?a slim elasticated strip next to the rear YKK zip ?a discreet inner elasticated insert to ensure a snug fit ?a slim ribbed sole for excellent feel and contact ?spur rests ?stylish lace front The Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots bring a fine style and appearance to your riding wear, while also incorporating some excellent touches that make them ideal for competing. These boots are made to cover both the foot and the lower leg, stopping just below the top of the knee. The Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots are shaped to take on the form of the leg, hugging in to take on a fine look as well as offer an enhanced fit. Along with this, laces are fitted to the front of the Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots, along with a long zip that runs up the back to offer easy access, while again making sure of a secure and comfortable fit. This makes the Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots well suited to competitive riding, with a better fit comes greater control and stability. This is helped once again by elasticated sections that run alongside the rear zip,providing a little more give that allows flexibility in ones movement. As well as this, these elasticated areas help the Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots to grip to the legs to prevent slippage. A Calfskin upper and leg give the Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots a fine style, with a smooth, almost glossy appearance that is indicative of their high quality status. This material offers a soft feel against the foot that makes for a more comfortable experience, while also providing a stern outer that will stand up to any scrapes or bumps that may occur while riding or walking. A thick, ribbed sole creates a sturdy footing for the wearer, the Mark Todd Long Leather Competition Field Boots gripping to the ground, or indeed your stirrups, to offer increased stability and control.



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