Liveryman Maverick Clippers


RRP: £243.00


The all-new revolutionary rotary clipper includes the following features. Curved safety blade for precision cut, pre-set tension with no adjustment required, rotating head through 180 degrees for left or right handed operation. Excellent for those awkward places. It is very light and quiet. 12 volt heavy duty motor, giving the equivalent of 300 watts mains power. Leaves the user completely free from restrictive mains wires. Clipping time is 3 hours, charge time 5 hours



07/07/2015, 16:33

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05/07/2015, 15:57

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03/07/2015, 18:30

"I started using it a cpoule months ago and am still learning. When I'm researching a story I use the Web Clipper to save clips that I want to refer back to it much handier than saving them as bookmarks. I've organized notes by publication I write for, but I could also see organizing them by topic. I have the desktop (Windows) version, the Web Clipper Chrome extension, and the Android app. And one of the best parts they're all free.Michelle"


03/07/2015, 13:56

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17/02/2014, 10:13

"I bought the clippers new to trim the feet/face of my cob (I use mains powered for big clips).

I have used them less than a dozen times, and the battery no longer holds a charge, and the head stopped oscillating. An engineer friend took them apart for me and the cast metal gear housing is cracked.

There are no parts online I can buy in order to fix them, not even a replacement battery pack if I could.

These are expensive clippers and very definitely not worth the money.


07/03/2012, 20:22

"I thought the idea of these clippers was really good- the rotating head is brilliant for doing lines on your clip and it's great not to have to adjust the tension all the time. The battery pack is very convenient so you don't have wires everywhere, although the pack itself is quite heavy and cumbersome.

My main problem however is that I find these clippers tempramental and unreliable. The frequently decide not to cut hair anymore but rather churn it up, despite the newly sharpened blades.

The other problem is that if something does go wrong, few clipper mechanics, save for liveryman themselves, know what to do with this type of clipper. The same goes for the blades- you have to send them off to Eddie Palin/the replacement of Eddie Palin to be sharpened because most places can't handle the rounded blades.

I think the cons outweigh the pros on this product."

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