RRP: £7.60


LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings
For horses who prefer finer shavings in their stables

LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings is a bedding option specially made for owners who want to give their horses all the essential benefits of a dust free, natural, healthy bed - but who prefer finer, lighter shavings.

LITTLEMAX is made by the same team that has been producing BEDMAX shavings for more than 10 years in the UK. We know there are many owners (and horses) who prefer smaller shavings, so we cut LITTLEMAX finer and lighter than BEDMAX, but in every other respect we follow the same process to produce an ideal, dust free, top quality bedding for your horse.

LITTLEMAX shavings allows you to prepare a bed that is significantly finer, lighter and softer in its look and feel, but which has all the fundamental qualities that have made BEDMAX the leading brand of shavings in the UK over the past decade.



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08/03/2012, 13:35

"There is a lot in the bag, it smells good and has no dust, makes quite a dence bed and because of that not one of the easier shavings to muck out. There are sometimes quite large chips of wood in it. It has quite good free drainage too so remains dry at the top quie well."


28/02/2012, 21:14

"I used to use premium shavings which were much finer than the Littlemax and more expensive.
They were turned into a nasty brown mulch very quickly. I picked up the Littlemax to see if it would help keep at least some semblance of cleanliness...and...
I don't use anything else now. Easy to muck out, easy to maintain, my horse seems to like it too, and it's not as easily compacted as the ones I used to use.
You will find the odd big chunky bit of wood. I've not had a bale yet that didn't have one in it.
They are compacted a LOT (meaning to get a substantial amount of shavings per bale) and it takes some doing to spread them out, but they make a really nice bed. "

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