Date added: 25/02/2012 School children denied chance to visit hunt meet

School children denied chance to visit hunt meet Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor 24 February, 2012 Subscribe to Horse & Hound and save up to 35% today Children at a Huntingdon primary school were denied a visit to the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace hunt after complaints from a parent. Pupils from Ashbeach School in Ramsey St Mary were due to attend a meet at Ellington on 7 February. But the trip was cancelled after a parent threatened to turn up with a group of antis. Joint-master Mike Burman said: “The school has brought children to this meet for 20 years. “However the meet was called off anyway because of frost.” William Burton, Eastern regional director for the Countryside Alliance said: “It is a real shame that just because of one parent’s prejudices, the children have been prevented from watching one of the British countryside’s oldest and finest traditions. “The children would not have been going out with the hunt but instead would have experienced the atmosphere at a meet, and got up close with the beautiful horses and hounds.” Ashbeach School hit the headlines last year after a parent complained that pupils had been taken to watch wildfowling.




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