Elevator Cavesson Bridle


RRP: £156.00


The Elevator Bridle has been designed to relieve pressure to the horse’s very sensitive poll area. It is one of the most sensitive areas on a horse’s body, just where a bridle headpiece sits. Nerves and blood vessels which feed the brain are located in this area. It is also where Meridian lines run - one of the areas which they connect is the kidney area, exactly where the saddle and rider sit. The poll’s equivalent on other mammals has the same sensitivity: it’s this spot where an SAS officer disables an assailant and a cat carries a kitten to stop it struggling. We are aware of these points on a horse but forget and often take advantage of the horse’s generous nature. Lorraine Green says, “I designed this bridle to allow every horse to be the best he can be under a rider. I tried many ideas to attach the bit in a horse’s mouth to allow the horse to be influenced by a rider and used various technical gadgets to prove discomfort/comfort, ie heat thermometers to show temperature changes in that area. I finally developed a bridle which has now become the Elevator. “I designed a special cushioned underpad, constructed in the softest leather and strongest cushioning, supporting a newly shaped leather headpiece to allow room for the horse’s ears to move freely without rubbing. It eliminates the common problem of a bridle being pulled forward onto the horse’s ears. We see many horses with sore backs of ears, so it’s important to remember that a horse can feel something as light as a fly on his body. To minimise pressure, this headpiece has crew holes either side below a horse’s ears to allow the thinner noseband strap to thread through and over the top of the cushioned pad”. You will find that the results are amazing because the horse is now much more comfortable. He will no longer be distracted by pain. He can therefore concentrate on what is being asked of him. He can work in a lower outline with ease, which allows his topline muscles to develop, so essential for the modern competition horse. Many methods or gadgets have been employed in the past to force a horse’s head into this lower position but by using the Elevator Bridle such gadgets are unnecessary. It is rare, but sometimes results may take a little while to become apparent, due to the level of continual rebruising. The Elevator is a beautifully balanced and elegant bridle that works. If your horse is comfortable and happy, he is more likely to perform at his best. This has long been recognised by horse owners and now the FEI are calling for the change of Rule 401.1 to reflect that dressage horses should be ‘happy athletes’. The Elevator Bridle will ensure that your horse will perform at his best and be happy doing it. There are many happy Elevator athletes out there, doing just that! When you purchase an Elevator you can be assured that: Only the very best quality soft English leather is used; naturally tanned without flaws and dyed in Black, Havana or Nut brown. The bridle is hand-crafted by a superior craftsman in the UK. The headpiece is padded in a unique material that retains its depth and therefore comfort. It is then shaped to fit snugly behind the horse’s ears to alleviate pressure and rubbing. The broad, well padded, comfortable noseband slip-head threads over the headpiece to also alleviate pressure to the sensitive poll area. The length of headpiece and cheek pieces can be tailored to suit an individual horse. Top quality buckles and fittings. Available in Snaffle or Weymouth. The Weymouth is available without a throat lash - the most popular choice. Available in pony, cob, full and Xfull sizes.



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