Easy to Use - No more wasted hours spent shaking up bedding, just open a bale of EcoBed and the contents flow out. Skipping and mucking-out is simplicity itself. Clean and Odourless - EcoBed is made from clean, uncontaminated cardboard. It does not have any removable print ink, unlike newspaper, which can contribute to respiratory problems or infections in cuts in the horse's legs. The bedding will also not blow around the yard as the pieces of board are much denser than paper. Cost-Effective - Less wastage, less time spent mucking out and it is unpalatable to even the greediest horse! Obtainable - EcoBed is a manufactured product, not one made from "waste" from another industry, so we can assure you that no shortages occur. Bio-degradable - After use, EcoBed can be used as a mulch, making a deterrent for weeds. Effective Absorbency - Made of corrugated cardboard, urine quickly runs through the bed to the floor of the stable, being slowly absorbed from the bottom leaving the top surface dry and odourless. The corrugations also trap warm air, resulting in a warm bed. Virtually dust-free - EcoBed is dust extracted several times during processing, using specially designed equipment to ensure that all dust is removed prior to packaging. Consequently, with the correct handling, EcoBed will not create dust when handled, and is proven to be successful with C.O.P.D. and other respiratory problems.



30/03/2012, 15:26

"I've tried every other bedding, I'm convinced this is the best. Clean, no dust at all (doesn't break down to dust with use, unlike shavings etc), a doddle to muck out, lovely and warm, really absorbent. Mulches down really well (wormery worms love it) or burns well.


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