Bliss Basic


RRP: £6.99


Bliss Basic is the lastest product introduced by Bliss.

Bliss Basic is the same high premium quality as Bliss Eucalyptus and Bliss Citronella. The only difference is Bliss Basic is none scented. Although the product is still treated with a bittering agent.

We have introduced the Basic range as we understand in the current climate, every penny counts.

The Bliss Basic bags are recyclable.



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21/04/2013, 18:17

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20/04/2013, 00:00

"Hi!`Neither. Aspen has been known to have unordinate amonuts of dust in it which causes respiratory problems in all types of rodents. Newspaper has ink on it which is toxic to ratties, and gets very dirty as the week wears on.Although a lot of people use CareFresh, my ratties were allergic to it (as was I!) because I found it did include a lot of dust in it which caused my ratties major problems and numerous vets visits.I recommend EcoBed' this is a compressed cardboard bedding which is guaranteed to be dust and mite free. It's very cheap and is usually sold in small pet shops rather than in pet superstores. Thats what I use and I swear by it.I also recommend Yesterdays News'. This is a cat litter which is also dust free. Good luck! Was this answer helpful?"


20/02/2012, 20:15

"Easy to use, rots well and smells good. I much prefer this to shavings."


20/02/2012, 12:22

"This bedding is more absorbent than shavings and doesn't blow round the yard like shavings. It is very quick to muck out. Wee patches are odourless until you remove them. The only down side I have found is that as its a bed litter bed it is heavy to lift after a few days. "

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