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What are the benefits of Aromaheel Mud & Wet Ointment? Extremely Effective, and Natural Antibacterial & Antifungal Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use Painlessly and quickly softens and removes scabs, Soothes sore areas on heels and body Encourages the natural healing process and hair re-growth Effective barrier against wet & mud, so your horse can be turned out Gentle on your horse's good skin 100% Satisfaction Guarantee When you can help Your Horse Naturally, Why Use Anything Else? An amazing antibacterial ointment for Mud & Rain problems and cracked & sore heels, that really works – Guaranteed! Aromaheel is a powerful (but gentle) natural antibacterial ointment, which quickly softens and removes scabs caused by the wet and mud. It offers a cost effective solution to your horses mud and bacteria problems.



24/04/2013, 04:21

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20/04/2013, 00:45

" before kc they are reidcmenomng it for wound cleaning to sanitized any bacteria & germs that might get in, as it is I need to change my way too. and hopefully others will get the same info."


07/03/2012, 20:23

"I have a tb mare who had a bad bought of mud fever due to persistent wet weather and muddy turnout conditions, so much so that she had to be on box rest. We tried various leading brand preparations and none of them worked on the scabs and stayed on when turned out even in the indoor arena. We even tried udder cream and tea tree oil & clingfilm to soften the scabs. I cam across the equinat site puely by accident and decided to give th product a chance.

Simple to use simply apply the ointment directly onto the dry scabs on a daily basis, the scabs gradually soften and fall off. Continue to put the ointment on after the scabs have fallen off. The cream is thick enough to stay on but easy to apply and smells pleasant. Its also fantastic for cracked heels. I first used this product 3 years ago and make sure i have it in my cupboard incase i need to use it each winter!"

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